Maria Callista is one of the crown jewels of the Icelandic burlesque scene. Hailed as Iceland’s queen of classic burlesque; this fierce temptress is known for alluring stage presence, humour, elegance and vintage glamour. 

With a background in belly dancing; Maria has been performing on stage since 2002, both nationally and internationally. She was first introduced to burlesque while living in London during the years of 2005-2008 and in 2009 she began performing with troupes. In 2017 she burst onto the new born Reykjavik burlesque scene and has been making her mark on it ever since.  

Maria Callista has graced the stage at some of Iceland renowned burlesque shows including Reykjavik Kabarett and Búkalú and she has performed at Dublin Burlesque Festival and Brighton Fringe Festival. She is the co-producer of burlesque ensemble Ladies and a Gentleman and a member of burlesque group Túttífrútturnar.