Maria Callista is a burlesque artist and performer from Reykjavik, Iceland. Often referred to as the crown jewel of classic burlesque in Iceland, she brings a unique blend of vintage glamour and modern sensibility to the stage. Teasing with both humour and charm, Maria always amazes the audience with her captivating performances, which are a true delight to watch.  

Since 2002 Maria has been performing on stage, both nationally and internationally. She began her career as a belly dancer but discovered burlesque while living in London during 2005 to 2008. After moving back to Iceland she performed with troupes and in 2017 she took the emerging Reykjavik burlesque scene by storm. 

Maria has graced the stage at some of Iceland’s renowned burlesque shows and events, such as Reykjavik Kabarett, Búkalú and Reykjavik Fringe Festival. In 2019 she had the honour of performing at Dublin Burlesque Festival. She is a member of the burlesque ensemble Dömur og herra (Ladies and a Gentleman) who made their international debut at Brighton Fringe Festival in 2019. 

With a wide range of acts that tease and tickle, Maria Callista is an exceptional performer who has carved a niche for herself in the Icelandic burlesque scene.

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