Secret Garden, Photo by María K. Steinsson

Act Description

Step into a world where desire and toxicity intertwine in the captivating burlesque act, Poisonous Petals. Draped in an exquisite green costume Maria Callista takes centre stage as the embodiment of seductive enigma. The vintage echoes of Toxic, set the tone for a spellbinding performance that's bound to ensnare the senses.

In Poisonous Petals, you'll experience a bewitching fusion of classic burlesque elegance and contemporary allure. The flower monsters lurking on Maria Callista's head add an element of whimsy to the sensuality, creating a performance that's as enchanting as it is intoxicating.

For an electrifying layer of musicality, this act has also been performed as a double act with live singing by the sensational cabaret singer Bibi Bioux.

Photo Details

Photo by:

Leifur Wilberg, María K Steinsson

Project Date: