Photo by Hvergiland

Act Description

Step into a realm where darkness and desire intertwine. Behold The Raven, a mesmerising act that will transport you to a world of myth and mystery, performed to the haunting melodies of the Icelandic folk song Krummavísur. 

In this act Maria Callista embodies the essence of the raven – a creature of power, wisdom and allure. Adorned in a breathtaking black feather costume she captivates the audience with a tantalising blend of tease and mythology. The stage becomes a canvas for ancient tales where the raven's symbolism comes alive in every sway of her hips, leaving you both mesmerised and entranced. 

The Raven is a perfect fusion of classic burlesque and mythical allure. With the option to modify nudity to suit the event, this act becomes suitable for diverse audiences, ensuring a captivating experience for everyone. 

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Hvergiland Photography

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