Act Description

Step into the enigmatic world of Icelandic traditions as the mystical allure of The Völva comes to life in an extraordinary burlesque spectacle. Prepare to be enchanted by Maria Callista, the spellbinding Burlesque Völva, as she casts her mesmerising predictions of shimmies, shakes and quakes for the new year ahead.

Drawing from the depths of ancient sorcery and witchcraft, Callista embodies the essence of the Völva, a powerful and mysterious figure who foretells the future. The stage is imbued with an air of magic and the haunting notes of Caravan weave an ethereal spell throughout the atmosphere.

With a captivating blend of elegance and mystery, Maria Callista enthralls the audience, leaving them entranced by her spell. Usually performed around New Year's Eve, this act is a celebration of the mystical and the magical, a fusion of ancient practices and modern entertainment. 

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Leifur Wilberg

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