Act Description

Prepare to be whisked away to a winter wonderland like no other. Snowflake Serenade is a mesmerising act that will leave you spellbound, perfect for winter or Christmas-themed events. 

Maria Callista takes the stage adorned in a flowing white costume that captures the essence of pure, delicate snow. As the jazzy notes of Walk on the Wild Side begin to reverberate, she becomes the embodiment of a Snow Queen, a regal enchantress who conjures a world of snowflakes and magic. She dances and twirls with her oversized snowflakes, each movement a delicate ballet of winter's embrace. 

In Snowflake Serenade you will be lost in the enchanting spell of the Snow Queen, where vintage glamour and winter's embrace converge in a playful and elegant dance. 

Photo Details

Photo by:

Elín Björg

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